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Success for Hadleigh Castle Rotary festive donations Posted On 26 March 2021

Having raised over £2,500 with their valiant charity efforts over the festive period, Hadleigh Castle Rotary are more than happy with what they’ve achieved


Three Christmas Collections were organized by the local group during the holidays, in Lidl and Morrisons carparks in Hadleigh, with an additional virtual grotto for children to enjoy online, whilst the Castle Point Mayor, Colin Riley, was involved in all three of the group’s fundraising events.

Explaining the virtual grotto idea, Peter Adams from Castle Rotary said: “In previous years we have Organised an actual “Santa’s Grotto” at Hadleigh park, but due to COVID restrictions we decided a virtual Santa’s Grotto should be held in order not to disappoint our regular children. We welcomed over 50 children to the virtual grotto over the first weekend of December, and distributed the gifts the following week.”

And the Castle Rotary have been spreading the goodness by donating to a great many other local charities. These include:

  • Yellow Door (supporting young people aged between 11 and 25 with help, advice, counselling and practical support, as well as having a food bank for all ages)
  • Mind, Southend and South Essex.
  • Changing Pathways (supporting women and children who are victims to abuse)
  • Cruse (providing counselling for bereaved children and adults)
  • Active Christian Trust (offering support for parents of special needs children)
  • Porters Soccability (providing football training and match competitions for “SEND” Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, children and young adults)
  • Young Carers (providing assistance and support for children and young adults caring for senior members of their own family)
  • Carers Choices (offering support for the more vulnerable in our community)
  • Art Ministry (providing the means for “SEND” children to enjoy painting and other artistic pursuits)

Peter Adams added: “We would also like to say a Huge thank you to Morrison’s and Lidl in Hadleigh for allowing us to hold our Christmas Collections on their premises. A very big Thank you to all who participated and to those making donations, it’s only with your support that we can try to help make a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves in our community.”

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